Rewire not working in Cubase 11 with Waves Plugins

In cubase 11, Waves Tune (v9) can’t establish a rewire connection. When I try to enable to rewire channel under “Studio” dropdown menu, there is nothing to enable. So it seems like Waves Tune isn’t letting Cubase know that it is running off Rewire.

Anyone else having this issue? I followed the rewire tutorial on steinberg’s faq already and it doesn’t work (because cubase doesn’t detect any rewire channels at all).

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Upgraded to Waves v13 and STILL have the problem. Waves support wasn’t helpful. Is there some way to “reset” the rewire settings in cubase? I’ve reinstalled all the plugins so it’s looking more and more like a cubase 11 problem.


Make sure, there is only one ReWire component installed, please.

BTW, ReWire technology is discontinued by its developer.