Rewire Reason 3.0 in LE 5

Hi all!

New to the forum… Just wanted to ask if Reason 3 is compatible to Rewire in LE 5. I’m racking my brain as to why this doesnt work but if I explain the steps I’ve taken so far, maybe someone will have an idea.

On Mac:

  1. Open Cubase LE 5
  2. Open Reason 3.0 (Expecting it to be in slave mode)
  3. Look for the ‘AUDIO OUT’ little green light to be on Rewire… but it’s still on ‘AUDIO CARD’
  4. There is no option in Cubase menu ‘Devices’ to open Reason

Any ideas? Is there just no way to run Reason 3 in Cubase LE 5? Could be a compatibility issue I have read (possibly with Reason 4 not wanting to play).

Unfortunately, Rewire support was dropped in LE4 and remain dropped in LE5. So it’s not really a compatibility issue per se… it’s just a lack of functionality.

Ah what a shame! Such a rubbish thing to miss that out… Oh well, thanks for the reply.