Rewire: Sends and Routings get lost

Hello guys.

When I create a project under Cubase 8.5/64bit->Win7 that contains rewire channels, the send- and routing settings for them aren’t saved with the project. I’ ve created 4 rewire channels, routed to group channels and added sends to an fx channel for each of them. After reopening the project the routings are resetted back to stereo out and the sends are deactivated. Aren’t rewire channels intended to be used in the same manner as audio channels? Or could this be a bug, maybe?

I have the same problem with 8.5.15 on Mac OSX 10.11.

I do as well, I am using quite a lot of rewire for Reason…
Anyone know if this have been reported?
I am going to go look now.

Have exactly the same Problem… :confused:

I have the same problem in Nuendo 7 which never occured in previous versions. It’ s pretty horrible for bigger sessions…
I want to get rid of Reason anyway, but this is a very harsh method :confused: