REWIRE time signature question/issue

Advance Question/issue: I typically use 8 beats per bar and 8 steps per beat in my FL Studio projects. I also double my tempo (I’ll use 160 BPM For a 80 BPM project as opposed to using smaller notes at 4/4). It’s just the preference I’ve had for years because of the step sequencer resolution is essentially doubled that way. Now that I’m using Cubase 8 Pro i’ve tried to run fl studio in both VSTI and REWIRE. In both modes I’m having issues with the time signatures matching up. It seems fl studio stays in 4/4 regardless of it being set to 8/8. This is also regardless of Cubase being set to 8/8. I’ve tried changing the tempo in cubase also and it still seems to be useless. I’m not sure if the issue is with FL Studio, REWIRE or with Cubase. Any ideas on what is causing the issue? Any ideas on a work around?