ReWire timing fixed?

I am irritated that, since Cubase 6 is now available, Cubase 5 is most likely never going to receive updates. This means that the problem with bad ReWire timing that is present in 5.5.2 will be there forever unless I pay to update.

Is the bug fixed in Cubase 6? If not, then I think I’m going to stop buying steinberg products. I dislike that Cubase 5, a program I paid more than $500 for, has a bug that will never be fixed, and that is ONLY present in 5.5.2.

I’m a starving student, going to a music school. Cubase is my DAW of choice. I’m regretting that now, since Steinberg has seen fit to deny me an upgrade unless I shell out an additional $150.

Did you apply for edu discount?

I did not. I paid full price for Cubase 5 so that I would not have to pay full price for future releases (there are no EDU upgrade options, you have to buy full versions every time). But I did not anticipate that there would be a huge unaddressed problem in my current version, and refuse to pay for a major upgrade to “fix” an issue that should have been dealt with when Cubase 5 was in beta testing.

EDU is the same as any other version except it is half-price, good for :nerd: 's like me :sunglasses:

When upgrades come out they apply to both edu and regular versions except the price is the same in the second instance.

Good deal I say particularly for “productivity upgrades” like Halion Sonic and Wavelab Elements.


here (i7-950, asus p6t deluxe v2, cubase 6, reason 5.0.1) the timing problem with
rewire is not fixed. Timing is ok in 44KHz projects, but not in 48KHz.

Last week I reported the problem to steinberg support.


we will have a look to this (27954)



I have reported this problem almost half a year ago and was in contact with Steinberg support directly. Anyhow, they were not able to reproduce the problem :frowning: Hopefully, this new attempt will result in a fix because the problem definetely affects several systems here.



That’s not the way it works, at least in the US steinberg store. When buying an EDU version, you get a discount. When upgrading an EDU product, you have to pay the full EDU price again.

For example, I bought Cubase 5 for full price. I can upgrade to 6 for $150.
If I bought Cubase at an academic price, I would have paid $300. To upgrade, I would pay another $300.

In the end, it is beneficial to buy the full version if you plan on upgrading twice or more in the future.

That would be right but sometimes depending on commercial decisions such as when a product is being phased out you can only upgrade to regular versions like what happened with Cubase Studio 5.

EDU upgrades to me seem like a waste of time and should not be allowed.

You are misinformed.

Ahhh I got it then. Original product, EDU discount pricing. Upgrades as normal. Well, had I known that a little while ago I could have saved some money. But I was told different when I bought Cubase SX1 (EDU discount, years ago) and so I bought retail version this time around.

@Brains why should EDU pricing be disallowed? Students, teachers, and educational organizations are deserving of a small, one-time discount. Especially since in the case of Cubase, it is only 40%.

Sorry I thought we were talking about EDU upgrades which I kind of knew were a thing of the past.

Now there is a lot of included trial software in C6 so it is probably best to purchase EDU if you can get it but the waiting factor might be a prohibitive for many.

In my case, since I bought Cubase 5, the upgrade to 6 is only $150. But as stated in the original post, I’m not going to spend that $150 unless the Rewire timing bug has been fixed. I doubt it has been, since it has basically been unrecognized by steinberg (“we have been unable to replicate the problem”) and so I think I might make the switch to Pro Tools, which I own as well, and which has no problem with Rewire. It’s a shame because I really like Cubase but unfortunately I need video and rewire to work.

Which program are you using under rewire?

Is there a fix for this yet? Im running in 48khz too and have this problem in C5…are u saying that if I exported to 44khz this problem wouldnt happen? Im sure I recorded my bass line at 48khz so changing the sample size would affect its spacing/timing etc too right?

Actually I just realized that I’m running 5.5.1 not 5.2…and have this same problem.

Check out this thread:

The guy Redjacket at the end is basically saying to put ur left locator at bar 2 instead of bar 1…and its supposed to line up…I think thats what he’s saying lol.

_**Left locator at Bar 1…RESULT = Same problem.
Now rendering same project with left locator at bar 2…

RESULT = In Sync.

Great,just what I wanted to achieve…
But what a lot of grief,Cubase does seem to have a bug here…

But we have found a workaround…**_

I’m using Drumcore 2.0…the 3.0 version is available as a VST so if i upgrade for $50 i dont have to worry about this but until then…

Left locator at Bar 1…RESULT = Same problem.
Now rendering same project with left locator at bar 2…

RESULT = In Sync.

Great,just what I wanted to achieve…
But what a lot of grief,Cubase does seem to have a bug here…

But we have found a workaround…

I remember, that there was a problem inside Cubase with MIDI clock years ago. It didn´t run in sync until the next bar, when starting on a whole bar, the workaround was to start some time before the bar begins. This problem was also addressed by several plugin programmers. As I use to begin my projects always on bar 5 or 9, it never represented a problem to me.

The previous comment sound a bit like that problem, and as Rewire contains tempo information (although it might not be MIDI clock), I recommend to start on another bar than the mere 1.
Hope this helps.

All the best.


Fingers x’d for 5.5.3