Rewire to individual audio channels.

Is there a way to get rewire the bus’s to route to individual audio channels? The rewire bus is limited I cant record audio or anything like that. I would like to record multiple audio chans at once from another DAW into each their own audio channel within cubase. Please help!


You can route any Output bus back to the Input bus. So, yes you can.

  • In the VST Connections > Output, add another Bus (lets say “Stereo Out 2”).
  • Route the output of the ReWire to this “Stereo Out 2” bus.
  • Add an Audio track.
  • Set “Stereo Out 1” as an Input.
  • Regord the signal from ReWire to this Audio track in real time.


Does it work to you?

Sweet thanks! It worked great. Additional note, if you don’t want to hear the rewire bus and only listen to whats being monitored through the audio channels set the output bus you create’s device port to “not connected” instead of your sound driver output. Thanks a lot!!!