First off I am a total NOOB and this is my first post so please be gentle… :smiley:
I just purchased Cubase 9.5 pro and love it. Thing is, it does not seem to rewire to my older acid pro 7.0. I start Cubase, then Acid pro, then go to the rewire window and…nothing. Is Acid pro 7.0 to old or incompatible? Or is there a step I have missed?
Thanks all

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your old Acid Pro is 64-bit application. The ReWire connection can work only in-between the same-bit application.

ah…sounds good thanks!

This leads to a different question then: Can anybody suggest a DAW that will read Acid tracks that is 64 bit and compatible to rewire with Cubase 9.5? Or is there a way to just get Cubase to recognize these tracks with some sort of a player (like kontakt reads Native instruments files)


Could you export OMF from Acid.

Acid pro 8 is finally 64 bit but is an upgrade . NO VST3 support yet though .I presume you are on a Win PC .Acid files are .wav files .Cubase uses wave files no problem .Make sure Audio warp is engaged on those tracks if you want Acid clips to sync/line up .
You can NOT DRAW the clips like in Acid .
Duplicate , or ctrl d is the same result .
The new Acid pro 8 should rewire to Cubase but why spend the $$ ?
If you have entire songs or multiple tracks from Acid ,you need to export them from acid as wav files , and import to Cubase making sure tempos match and they are aligned along the timeline . You might need to insert silence on some tracks that start in the middle for alignment .All the tracks imported from Acid have to begin at Bar 0 to avoid any phase problems . Unless you want to spend hours lining tracks up at the sample level ,
Hope that helps

Hi… There is a free Rewire 64-32bit bridge that might work… But use at your own risk though…
Check it out first before you spend any cash