Rewire ?

Just switched to Cubase 6 and I’m looking for Rewire.
I was used to see Rewire apps in the device menu in Cubase 5.
Even the Cubase 6 help file says : ‘‘1. Pull down the Devices menu and select the menu item with the name of the ReWire application. All recognized ReWire compatible applications will be available on the menu.’’
But Cubase doesn’t recognize either Live, nor Max.
Is that a bug, or do I miss something here ?

Using Cubase 6.0.3 32bits on a Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1


BTW : it would be great to have a ‘search’ command on this forum

Don’t know about Rewire, though I assume that you just need to point Cubase to the correct folder where these application reside for it to see them (just an assumption, as I don’t use Rewire apps). The forum search function is at the top right of this and every forum page.


Thanks for your reply (and sorry about the search question).
I have no idea how to tell Cubase to point the correct folder… nothing in the help file about this.
There is a topic in this forum about Rewire in Cubase 64 bits, but it seems even in 32 bits it doesn’t work ??
Am I wrong here ?

I don’t think my suggestion will work either since Rewire applications are supposed to be recognized automatically by Cubase. It should be listed under the Device menu. I don’t own any Rewire applications, so I can’t help you here, sorry.

The rewire apps should show up automatically, yes, and they do at my place (C 6.0.3 32bit, as your).
Halion symphonic and rebirth here shows up.

So your problem is that cubase don’t see it at the initialising process. I don’t know what your problem is tho. Sorry.

You have oh course:
2.been here:
3.Checked that you’ve not lost the rewire.dll file on your HD?

Thanks for your reply guys.
I re-installed Cubase, and now it works fine.
This is great.