Hi Daniel,

I am excited that the initial release of Dorico is actually almost here. Congratulations!

Please tell us of any plans for the possible integration of Rewire in any upcoming releases/updates.

-Bob Ross

We do intend to support ReWire at some point as soon as we can, but I can’t say exactly when it will be added.

Thanks for the honest answer. I would love to see what I believe Propellerhead states is possible…to have several staves/parts routing to different outputs/inputs/tracks…

Yes, in theory you would be able to route each voice on each instrument to a separate MIDI channel, as well as route channels of audio. I can’t promise when we will get to this, but our general philosophy is to only tackle something when we can make it good, so it’s unlikely you’ll see a half-baked ReWire implementation; instead, we’ll wait until we can do it properly.

A great philosophy. Hope you are wildly successful using that approach with Dorico.