Rewiring Reaper as a slave to Cubase

I’m investigating using Reaper as a slave to Cubase so if I need to spread my CPU load around I can put some VST instruments in Reaper and play them from there. It seems a more economical way of doing things than buying VE pro.

I have no trouble setting things up but where I stumble is getting the midi tracks in Cubase to trigger the instruments in Reaper. When you rewire reaper you have the option of sending the midi to Reaper channels 1 through 16, but I’m obviously missing something in Reaper because when I play channel 1 in Cubase nothing happens in Reaper.

If I set up Kontakt in reaper and get Reaper to assign 16 channels to it I can then assign each instrument I load in Kontakt to different channels inside Kontakt. I then assign corresponding channels in Cubase and it works like a charm. But when I try to do the same thing outside Kontakt for various synths etc I have no success. There seems to be no information specific to Reaper and Cubase on the internet. Has anyone had any success and how have you assigned midi channels in Reaper and Cubase?

I have zero problems rewiring Ableton but Ableton won’t let you use third party plugins in Rewire mode. I’ve investigated a few other Rewire slaves but not seriously yet. If someone has more success which a cheap alternative suggestions would be welcome.


for me i think if everything working good inside with kontack, i is because primarily your unique Kontakt channel in reaper is receiving all the 16 channel from cubase, THEN IT SORT IT by different channel number inside kontakt.

If you want to do the same outside kontakt (different track in reaper with their own plugin) you need to filter out all the channel appart the one controling the track, and this on every track.

for this you need to use a midi plugin on the pre FX slot of every track, and ask the midi plugin to filter out every 15 chanel , ( or let pass obnly the channel needed for this track, it end up the same)

i hope it helps BUT i have one question:

this work around you are trying to do, is to spread your CPU between both daw as VEP doe, but are cubase and reaper on different computer? if not i dont see the point, can you explain?

for my part i want to try them on the same computer just to get around the limitation of cubase for feedback an effect into itself (impossible in cubase)