Just a quick query that has been bugging me half to death. Basically, I own Ableton Suite 9 & Cubase 7. I want to rewire them with Cubase as the Master, and Ableton as the salve. I have managed to set all of this up in Cubase 7, and I have sounds from Ableton coming through into Cubase. I can even record on a MIDI track and all is well. Here’s my problem… Basically, I wrote 90% of a song in Ableton and all I want to do is record the vocals in Cubase. So rather than “mix down” or “export” individual MIDI tracks, and rather than “re-record” them within Cubase. Is there a way that I can press “record” within Cubase and the master output from Ableton is able to be recorded into Cubase via a single or multiple tracks??? That way I will have the whole song now in Cubase ready for vocals. Or do I have to do the export function? Any help would be greatly appreciated and a prompt reply even more so as I am going out of my mind with this one.
If this is not achievable, then would you mind giving me the key benefits as to rewiring within audio software. As at the moment all I can think of is using VSTI’s from one DAW into another. Many thanks in advance :mrgreen: