REX support fixed for Cubase 6 64bit?

I like the fact that Steinberg focuses more on workflow with this version, but it would also be
nice to know if older feature requests and bugs are fixed.

Does the 64bit version of C6 support REX?

I would love to know this as well. This would make or break my need to upgrade to Cubase 6. I might call Steinberg to find out.

Seem to be … :slight_smile:


Yes it is working on 64-bit

Rewire not



Thanks Chris cause I definitely missed call hours. I’m going to order the upgrade right away.

Not to be one of those people that make a big deal out of 64-bit ReWire cause I’ve resorted to some alternatives, but I wouldn’t mind hooking up Reason again via the convenience of ReWire. Any idea if we’ll see it in the future?

I’m pretty sure 64bit rewire is a Propellerhead issue. Just like Steiny and VST or ASIO provided for devlopers, Propellerhead lets other’s use Rewire.

They will certainly be going there eventually … but as music software’s greatest example of marching to the beat of your own drum, I’m sure they will only get around to it when they feel like it.


I know there’s non-disclosure agreements that don’t allow people in the know to say anything, but I thought it was worth a shot to seek a hint. ReWire is supposedly a partnership between Steinberg and Propellerhead, but I just found out Reason 5 isn’t even 64-bit which took me by surprise. Silly me assumed that it just had be at this point. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have even asked, cause until Propellerhead makes 64-bit software there will likely never be a 64-bit ReWire :confused:

REX does not work as it should in LoopMash. That’s my experience.

I am actually surprised that REX files worked in c6 x64 since I think the REX library from propellerhead is x86. Chris: how did you do this? Did you write your own REX parser?

This doesn’t tell me if the dll is x64 native or x86 and somehow bridged.

It’s in “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6” on a Windows 7 x64 system. I didn’t even install C6 32-bit.

I buy that they installed it there. It doesn’t guarantee it’s a native x64 DLL. Don’t know how to tell to tell you the truth.

It’s as much as you’re likely to get … this from Microsoft:

Q.	Why do some of my programs install into the Program Files Directory, and others into the Program Files (X86) directory?

Windows 7 x64 redirects the \Program Files directory for all programs that are 32-bit during the installation to the \Program Files(x86) directory. Programs that 64-bit are installed into the \Program Files directory.

No I don’t think that would apply. I doubt it would force a 32bit DLL into Program Files (x86) that’s being installed by a 64bit-aware installer with an x64 program.

Not trying to be difficult, but I don’t think this proves that the propellerhead component is in fact x64–it would be nice to know that it is and not being bridged somehow but I searched the internet and could only find ways to determine the x86 or x64-ness of a DLL if you have the assembly.

The REX support should be native 64-bit. As far as I know, Propellerhead released ‘the updated package’ to developers in the fall of 2010, and while I was hoping it would come as an update to Cubase 5, at least Cubase 6 has it integrated.

It might interest some to know that copying the “Rex Shared Library.dll” from the C6x64 program folder to the C5x64 program folder makes REX available in Cubase 5 x64. Needless to say you do this at your own risk and I don’t know what the legal position is, but at least on my PC it appears to work.

P.S. Don’t PM me to give you the file, because I won’t. Ask Propellerheads.

Nice tip! Thanks!