REX2 not supported


Just moved to Windows 7 64bit and installed Cubase 5.5 64bit.
media bay does not show rex files and when i try to import one to an audio track i get a massage that the file type is not supported.

it was fine in 32bit so im kinda clueless.
any thoughts anyone?


so you are saying that if i want to use rex files on 64bit version of cubase, i need to upgrade to 6?

I´m saying, that there indeed seems to be a problem with REX2 in 64 bit. Since I´ver never used REX2 files nor am I on 64 bit, I don´t have more info, but some with some research, you might find out more…

I did do some digging before posting this.
the issue that i found other poeple have with REX files is that it is not synced to the project when played from the media bay, so i believe thats the issue they are talking about.
i did found another post on the old by someone with the same issue like me but he did not get any responses.

I have the same problem. New computer and Studio 4 64 bit.
The function “import REX2” exists but I can’t import my loops. And I need them.
Is there an issue ?


I have been waiting years for this to happen!!!

I have to use Ableton Live as a rewire just for this function and hate having to rewire!!!

Why will you not do this after people have been requesting it for many years?

It would be great to right click and slice to groove agent from the media bay!!!

This is the way I produce and it has me leaning more towards Ableton live.

I find Cubase to slow for things like this and to have it all would make Cubase a more fully loaded DAW.