When I drop a rex2 file on to a program slot in the rack, H5 will automatically create a duplicat slot containing the same rex file. Is this a bug or does it serve a purpose?

The two slots are not entirely identical: one slot will contain a slice player and the slices, while in the other slot there are a slice player and all slices are inside in a layer.

Any thoughts?

Anyone with a rex loop within reach that can drag it to a slot in Halion 5 to confirm/disconfirm below behaviour?

Hi there, I drag RX2 in all the time, most of my work is based off them and I never experience the above. I get a single slot loaded instance, which has all the slices listed in order and an output bus at the end. Nothing more than this.

Thanks! I’ve found out that this is happening only when I drag the rex file from the Cubase Mediabay. If I drag it from the desktop it only creates one slot. Hmmm…

Weird. I have never dragged from the Cubase mediabay, but only from the browser tab of HALion itself and it creates only the one. I have also dragged and dropped from UVI Workstation, which I use to preview my RX2 loops in realtime with the projects tempo, since the Cubase mediabay, even after 5 years is terrible at this. The UVI workstation method creates only one as well, so this must have something to do with how the Cubase mediabay interacts with HALion. Maybe a setting or preference, or perhaps a bug that needs sorting?

Ah! I forgot the H5 browser. I’ve only used it when browsing through layers/samples in H5s factory library. For third party samples I’ve always been using the Cubase Mediabay. I’ll check what happens when using the H5 browser this afternoon. Thanks again.

np and you shouldn’t have an issue. I use the HALion browser 99% of the time and have never experienced what you did above. Let us know though. Good luck!

Hi Mr. Whirly,

though I have not heard back on how the HALion sample browser import method was going, (no news is good news?), I went ahead and decided to try your mediabay method and can confirm your findings. Upon dragging and dropping an RX2 from the Cubase mediabay into a HALion 5 slot, 2 slots are actually occupied. One slot contains a slice player module and all slices listed accordingly ‘outside of a layer’ and the other slot is the same, but everything is contained inside a layer. I have no clue why this is and I don’t think it should be this way. Cubase and HALion integration should be a flawless venture and to have two slots occupied for every single import is just silly I think. It is a waste of space and is very cluttered looking.

I believe this may be a bug, or some strange preference, or setting, that perhaps we both have enabled to allow this to happen.

Can someone official from Steinberg, please chime in on this and let us know why two slots are occupied from a single RX2 import from the Cubase Mediabay, though dragging and dropping from UVI Workstation, the HALion browser, or any other method, only takes up the one slot like expected? If there is an issue, I would hope it would be solved in an upcoming update, as though I don’t use the Cubase mediabay often for this feature, I would like to know it won’t behave like it currently does if I do.

Thanks for bringing this up, hopefully it gets some light shone on it, either for a fix, or at the very least an explanation about why.