Rhythm Dot adjustment on iPad


Is there a way to move the dots in this section to where I have marked them in Red on the iPad. I can see where I can move them along the x axis - further or closer to the note head - but not moving them up.

I’m using 2 voices on the staff to have the correct stem direction and it seems to have moved the dots below the note heads instead of above. I believe above is the “correct” engraving way - but happy to be educated about that if I am mistaken.

Thanks, as always, for your help.

It’s correct here for the dots to be below, since it’s a downstem voice.

There’s not a way to move dots vertically.

Thanks Dan. That is helpful.

I friend of mine who has done a lot of engraving professionally mentioned it to me. She says in the hymnals she has done, they requested the dots be moved up. She is of the mind this is a standard practice in hymn engraving.

I know you do a lot (mostly?) hymn work, so I trust your judgement. Maybe it’s a personal preference/ house style for this particular publisher.

Yeah I really think dots should go “outside the staff” based on stem direction. But neither looks bad.

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The ability to shift dots is something I requested at least two years ago and also came up again in another relatively recent thread (last month or so). Hopefully this gets added, because there are very legitimate reasons for it.

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Come to think of it, @kclements the hack of using two voices might help you in this case too.

thanks @Romanos i will give it a try.

maybe i should change the title of this thread to include FR. although i’m sure Daniel is aware of your request and all the +1s