Rhythm Dot Question (Solved with either Force Duration or Time Signature)

I am trying to create this notation in Dorico:

This is what I have:

I’ve tried all the settings in Notation and Engraving Options and I can’t get it to work. How do I do this?

2019-05-03 21.28.22.png
2019-05-03 21.27.59.png

Leigh, the pictures didn’t post correctly.

Maybe Leigh fixed the pictures in the meantime, I can see them. This is a typical case for the use of Force Duration during input. Force Duration is switched on (or off) by typing ‘o’ before inputting the notes. The icon with the clamp will be lit in the left hand panel to indicate it is active.

So strange. I swear the pictures weren’t there. Well, Peter is right!

Dan, the pictures weren’t there - you’re not going mad :wink:

Thank you Peter!

Dan, when you looked the pictures weren’t there but I got the links corrected just after your post. And thanks again, Dan, for being the Stream Deck pioneer!


If your score consistently uses this rhythm, this might work well:

Enter the time signature (with the M popover) as [1+2+1]/4. (Note the [ ] are important.)

Then in the properties panel tick the “Common/Cut common” box to change the displayed 4/4 to C.

You can then just enter the rhythm directly as in your example. No forced duration required.

Rob, your suggestion works well for this piece. Thank you.