Rhythm dot Y

Hello Dorico Community!

I’m copying a two voice part, with a dotted quarter in one voice and an eighth note in the other on the same beat. I’m hoping for a Rhythm dot Y tool to compliment the Rhythm dot X tool, to give me the flexibility shown in Gould’s dotted note examples.

Here’s two ways I’d consider laying this out, as well as a third showing how I with I could try this with a Rhythm dot Y tool.

I haven’t seen this exact feature request, and I’m wondering if anyone else sees a benefit for this. In my perfect world, a Rhythm dot Y tool would work similar to the Rest pos. feature, allowing me to move by n number of spaces, or even toggle above or below on a note-head by note-head basis keeping the dot perfectly centered in the space.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

It has indeed been requested many times before, and it’s something we do plan to add in a future version, though it’s a bit more complicated than it may appear, due to the fact that in particularly dense chords Dorico can end up consolidating multiple rhythm dots belonging to different noteheads, and under those circumstances it’s non-trivial to determine how to position the rhythm dot if it has inconsistent property values. But, as I say, it’s definitely something we plan to tackle at some point.


Where would you place the dot in example 3? It would be very unclear, and unusual. Should you not simply shift the colliding B flat to the right - as in example 1? if it is in the A space it would appear as a staccato under the B.

I agree with your request to have a Rhythm dot Y property. Until this feature is implemented, if you have Dorico Pro, you can achieve the desired appearance using three voices as shown in the first measure below. The down-stem chord is inside a 2:3e tuplet:


Select the up-stem chord and hide its stem in engrave mode. Select the down-stem chord and set its voice column index to zero. Finally, hide the tuplet number to obtain the appearance shown in the second measure.