Rhythm dots, different voices, page 850 of docs

On page 850 of the Dorico Pro 4,0 PDF file (as well as the Note and Rest grouping section in the online help) there is an example of piano music with 16th notes in the upper stemmed notes and dotted quarter notes in the stems down notes. I want to set Dorico to do that - dotted quarters at same position as the first 16th note. The default behavior is to put the dotted quarter to the right of the 16th. I’ve gone through every “related link” on the help page and gone through every relevant item in the Notations option (and even looked in the Engraving options) and can find nothing to make Dorico do this as the default. (I know I can change each item on a note by note basis in Engraving mode. Is that really my only choice?) I’ve spent a good 30 minutes trying to find the answer. My biggest complaint with Dorico is that options are spread out over 22 different settings menus. For a new user, it takes forever to find things. Even though most things are in logical locations, there are more than a few that make me scratch my head why they put them where they did. Plus the manuals often show examples, but don’t tell you how it’s done (as on page 850).

I believe this is what you want, yes?
Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 9.57.24 PM

If so, then this setting on the Notation Options will do the trick (under Voices):

Hope that helps.

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I’ll make a note to add a link from this page to this page, thanks for sharing that feedback.

For anything explicitly referred to on a page, like “You can change X” without full steps, you should find a link at the bottom to a similarly-named topic that provides the full steps. That’s how we organize our documentation. If you find places where that’s not the case, please do let me know – a topic title or URL would be most helpful in those cases, as page numbers in the PDF are very flexible and always subject to change.

Very much so. I looked all over the place for that. This is a good example of where Dorico puts things in settings that confuse me. My first instinct is to look under rhythm dots, not voices, although voices does make some sense. After looking at various note settings in Notations, Layout and Engraving, I looked at the voice settings in Notations. But, I think by the time I got there my eyes were do tired of looking that I must have skipped right over it.

Thanks. When my only major complaint is that it is sometimes hard to find out how to do a handful of things in a quick and logical matter, please take that as a compliment as to how good the rest of the program and documentation is. Thinking about how you and the developers keep up with the myriad of options makes my head start to hurt.

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