Rhythm Editor/ multi Selection

Hello, i’ve come to address what can seem a very evident question but i’ve been struggling with this for a while now!!
In the Rythm editor i can’t seem to find the way to select multiple events on the same line (for example all the closed hit hats) in a simple manner.
Obviously I do it with the mouse and select all the way to the end of my sequence wich can be uneasy and sometimes I have to do it over a few times before it’s done properly.
I would assume that on the left of the ryhtm editor, where the instruments and notes are listed you could CTRL+click on the name you want to select and it would select all the events of the instrument on the sequence…well it’s not working…
So maybe it’s a very simple trick beut i can’t figure it out and it would really help me out!!!

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean Drum Editor?

The Ctrl+click to the “key” works in the KeyEditor only, not in the Drum Editor. But, in the Drum Editor, you could hold Shift+double-click to the first note. All notes on the right-side from the one, you clicked on, of the same pitch, are selected. This also works in the Key Editor.

Btw there is another option: select only one Note, and the choose “Equal Pitch - same Octave” option from the Edit > Select menu. :wink:

Thank you the first option is exactly what I was searching for, works perfectly!!

(still wonder why it’s not the same in both editors…)

in french Cubase call it “Editeur de rythme” :smiley: