Rhythm for Move To Stave Below issue?

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if my process aught to be different somehow?

I’ve filtered out top notes (that’s the little popup you see of Keyboard Maestro at the beginning), and the option-m to bring the selection to the stave below. But the rhythms are all different, shifted left and right in various places in an extremely inconsistent manner.

The staff below is completely empty, and the rhythms are, as you can see, all varieties of triplet 8ths.

bad rhythm

Something to note, if I select only one bar at a time, it works totally fine! Maybe this is an issue with Dorico not counting triplet divisions in the rests somehow when I move the whole thing down? Except that that should still pose issues even in a single bar, which also still have rests.

rhythm works

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Yes, I think your diagnosis is correct: Dorico’s not calculating the correct duration for the rests when there are gaps in the music you’re moving, because of the tuplets.

For now, I would suggest you copy and paste the whole passage to the staff below and then use filters to remove the unwanted upper/lower notes from each staff.

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Oh, that would have indeed been a better method than what I did by just going bar bar bar! :expressionless:

I do find it curious that Dorico manages to maintain the count as long as it’s within the bar; it only fails once the selection spans multiple bars. As Dorico focuses so much on bars being more of a visual element rather than structural, and calculating note rhythm in absolute terms, I would think this wouldn’t have an effect - but it seems that it does!