Rhythm slash questions

Hey Team,

In the voice menu → Rhythm slashes → Slash with stems, I selected some chords and tried to turn them into slashes, However, It turns everything of that instrument into slashes.

Then, I then tried with the voice menu → change voice → New slash with stems up. This time it only turns what I selected to slashes. but the problem is, It creates another line of with rests, representing the steam down, I don’ want this.

Would you please tell me how to fix this?

change voice

Remove rests :slight_smile:

Or, if you want them all in the same voice and beamed together, just change the notehead.

Or again, use a slash region instead of a slash voice.

rhytum slashes

Hey, Because I want to assign specific rhythm, so slash region probably won’t work right?

Your screenshot showed straight quarter notes, so I thought I’d offer you another option. You are free to take your pick.

I want a big fat slash instead of all the individual notes, so change note head also not work for me.

Sorry I didn’t show it clearly, later on there are rhythm variation, but thanks for the answer.

I will go have a try about remove rests

Thank you!!! remove rest did work!!!

However, deleting all the rests can be a tiring job, would you guys kindly consider making voice menu → Rhythm slashes → Slash with stems only turn things selected to slashes? Because It’s doing exactly what I want but just… to everything. Wish this can become a new feature in the future.


There are two “routes” in the voice menu: one sets the voice for everything in a whole voice (e.g. if you wanted your down-stem voice 1 to be down-stem voice 2), the other changes selected notes into another voice. If you want the latter, go for “Change Voice”.

For removing rests, you can also wait until you’ve finished, then select everything where you want to remove rests then remove them once. You can also assign your own key command for it (I’ve set it to Cmd-Shift-R)

Thanks again, problem solved

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