Hello; im new in Dorico. I’ve been watching the tutorials and I even read the manual, yet I don’t get how to write notation rhythm without specifying notes. For example, you are just writing chords and underneath you have the slashes, but in the measure ahead, you have to write the rhythm break but I don’t want to specify the inversion of the chord, I just want to let the musician to play whatever inversion he wants to play just knowing the rhythm in that particular measure. I’m using the premium version for iPad

Hello James, did you see this (in the manual)?

Is it this you are referring to?

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Yes I did … and I know how to place the slashes …. What I couldn’t figure it out is how to put the rhythm slashes for breaks … I would like to place let’s say for instance… eighth notes … but eight notes with the slashes style not the ones you place in the staff either G or F …

I’m not quite sure if this is what you mean, but when you’re inputting the rhythm that you want, you first need to change the Voice to a Slash Voice so that Dorico knows this is what you want to appear. Then, you can actually play whatever voicing you want into the part but the rhythm will appear as slashes instead.

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Broooooo thank you thank you, now I know how to do it