Rhythmic cue gets transferred up, but incomplete

I’m going to have to do a lot of lead sheet work with rhythmic cues above the bars for the comping players. I know there have been threads on this. Just trying to figure out the best way, but here’s what happened - I created a new player, a Basic Drum Set. Then I entered the rhythmic shot cues I want to display and changed the noteheads to the diamond heads I like. I clicked on the top staff in the system and hit Shift-U, and typed ‘Snare Drum’. The cue popped up right away but it’s only the first note with rests! Does anyone have an idea why?

PS - I didn’t press ‘F’ to flip the stems but the one stem that appears has flipped. Clue?
Rhythmic cues above staff

Did you make sure the cue goes for the entire bar? You can extend/shorten it, just as you can with dynamics, to add more/less of the cue.

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Wow! Thanks, that did it and the rhythmic shots look just as I want them to look. However, one of the beams in the notation below suddenly got extended as seen in the attached. I’ll see if I can get this to go away.

Edit: Tried moving the drumset part up and down its staff to see if that would help but no matter where in the drum staff I create the rhythmic part, the one beam still pops up. Going to keep trying
Rhythmic cues above staff 2

Edit 2: I tried deleting the notes and re-entering. .I can add the G & E but as soon as I add that middle C the beam pops over the rhythmic shot again (see attached)

Rhythmic cues above staff 3

Yup, been there!
You need to adjust the voice column index property (Engrave Mode), that will separate the cue and the music already in the bar. Can’t give exact instructions, but just try various settings, it will work!


Additionally, I noticed you used a drum set for the “cue player”. That’s what I did in the beginning, but I found it to be easier to use a generic treble staff and change the noteheads to slashes, which you can do all at once.
With a drum set, there are too many other factors at play, somehow…


I feel like every time I post an issue here, the solution is so simple. It’s like the Observer Effect in Quantum Mechanics. Posting here causes me figure things out. I tried Voice Column Index for a while and then I simply highlighted the beam and dragged it down. I could have sworn I tried this earlier! Anyhow thanks for the reply and I’ll try this with a Guitar Player instead.

Rhythmic cues above staff 4

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