Rhythmic cues: Customising the Y position of other elements in a part (like the tempo)

I really like the capabilities Dorico provides for cues! I would like to use rhythmic cues (effectively cue staffs) in an instrumental part to help players to co-ordinate complex layered rhythms. Dorico makes it straight forward to show those rhythmic cues, thanks!

However, it appears the rhythmic cue is handled by the Dorico engraving machinery like a normal part, affecting the position of other elements. For example, tempo marks are move above the cue and playing techniques are moved to the bottom. See the two screen shots below demonstrating that.



I feel that in particular the tempo mark above the cue is too far away from the actual part so that the player might miss it. This happens to be a part for a cello, who is not used to have such information notated so far away. Also, I would prefer to have the playing technique notated above the part staff as usual in the hope to make the part more readable. See my attempts shown below. I did these changes in Engrave mode with custom Offset Y positions for these notation elements.



Unfortunately, this kind of workaround with custom Offset Y positions seems not to work. After I changed these positions directly in the part, also the score and and other parts were affected (e.g., tempo marks were move down into the staff there, overlaying other notation elements). Changes of Y positions of playing techniques, dynamics and tempo in a part seems to be propagated to all layouts that feature this instrument or tempo indication.

Question: Is there perhaps some way to have a part with rhythmic cues (simultaneous to musical material in the part, not just before it), but at the same time have tempo indications close to the part? Also, is there perhaps a way to move the position of playing techniques and dynamics so that this change only affects the current part, and is not propagated to other layouts?

Thanks a lot!

When you altered the text items in the part using Engrave mode, was there an option to make the changes local?

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Ah, of course! Thanks a lot, that is the way.