Rhythmic cues not printing out


I’m seeing a problem which I’ve narrowed down to the attached small sample project.

The drum set has a rhythmic cue taken from the bass guitar part (I find that the small “feature” which allows you to copy and paste cues into drum parts is currently the best workaround to implement kicks over time; but that’s another story).

In Write mode the Cue is visible. However, it’s hidden in Layout and and Print views, and I can’t find a way to tell Dorico to print it in the final score.

Am I missing something?


rhythmiccuebug.zip (804 KB)

I hope it’s as simple as going to the Players page of Layout Options and activating the ‘Show cues’ checkbox for the full score layout.

Aha! Yes, it is. I didn’t realize it was off be default. Thanks Daniel.

I hope in time [Rhythmic] cues can be allowed directly into Drum parts without having to copy them from another clef. This is really useful for specifying kicks over time.