Rhythmic grid note indicator should show actual duration

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 7.11.55 AM.png
The orange insertion point indicator is really intuitive, but I think the icon which always shows a quarter note should instead show the actual presently selected duration (I’m talking about the quarter note shown at the bottom of the orange vertical bar insertion point). My eyes have to frequently go up to the duration frame to see where I’m at which breaks the flow, why not show it right at the insertion point? Furthermore this would allow me to hide that window which is taking up valuable screen real estate. I’ve gone through the settings but can’t see anything to change this.

Thoughts? Should be a small change for a nice productivity boost, for some of us at least.

Yes, this one has been requested before. I don’t remember what the answer was.

Thanks, I did find this thread, but Daniel just says “you can’t change it, use the side panel”. In the Square Monitor thread you kindly commented on, I show another reason why this is functionality is needed, which is the note duration panel wastes a lot of real estate in a non landscape monitor.

Dear RedtideMusic and Dan
I recall the reason (and it is a good one) is that if you have a whole note, you don’t see if it’s an upstem or downstem voice. This is what the little quarter note is there for. You’ll probably get used to it :wink: