Rhythmic grid resolution shortcuts not working in Play mode


I created my custom rhythmic grid resolution shortcuts (Opt-j, Opt-k, Opt-l, etc.). When in Write mode, the shortcuts work perfectly fine.

In Play mode, they don’t work. I can select the resolution in Write mode, and this selection is then found in Play mode. But I can’t select it in Play mode.

When assigning them there was only a warning of an overlapping command, and I told Dorico to ignore it. But the other shortcuts were totally free.

What am I doing wrong?


I imagine the issue is that those commands are being added to your key commands JSON file in the kWriteMode context, which means they only apply in Write mode. If you open your JSON file in a text editor and carefully migrate those specific shortcuts from the kWriteMode context to kMusicEditable you will hopefully find that they then work in both Write and Play modes.

Daniel, it works! Thank you for the hint!

Now, I must understand why Opt-i doesn’t work in Write mode (did it work before?), but I’ll see if there is some overlap with some hard-wired command.



I have a key command assigned to “go to next layout”, but it only works in write -mode. Could I modify the file in a similar way to allow the key command “go to next layout” work also in engrave -mode? And shouldn’t it also work in engrave -mode by default?

I suspect the shortcut you’ve chosen for Window > Next Layout conflicts with one of the default shortcuts for Engrave mode; all shortcuts for items in the Window menu will automatically apply to all modes.