Rhythmic notation and normal notes in the same measure

Hey guys,

I’m new to Dorico and spend a lot of time getting used to it quickly.

Is there a clean and fast way to write slash notehead and normal notes in the same measure?
I used to do it all the itme in Finale.
I don’t want to create two voices in the same measure, to avoid hiding rests.

The only way I have found is to manually edit the rhythmic notations with slash noteheads.
On the other hand, all notes must be B (or the center line of a staff) to be consistent with measures that only contain rhythmic notations.
It is annoying for the playback.


It’s certainly possible to mix slash voices and regular voices in the same bar, but I guess the thing that’s bothering you is managing the rests for the remainder of the bar in each of the voices? If you don’t already have a custom key command defined for Edit > Remove Rests, you might want to consider that, perhaps?

Excellent, it works. Thanks Daniel.

PS, my friend Nor from NorFonts convinced me to change from Finale to Dorico. Best decision ever!

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I’m really glad you’re enjoying using Dorico so far, Alexandre!

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Dear Alexandre,
If you want to share your love for Dorico in French (or simply ask questions in French, although I see you’re fluent in English) or just for the sake of it, feel free to come to the Groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico on FB, you’ll be welcome :wink:

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Merci Marc!
J’en prends note.

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