Rhythmic notation inconsistencies

Hi there,

In the attached score, Dorico gives me two different rhythmic notations for exactly the same durations in two different bars.

As you see, everything is exactly the same in bars 2 and 7 in both instruments and both hands, yet, in bar 7 for some reason the program insists on writing 2 tied 8ths instead of a quarter, which has no justification here (there aren’t any 16ths present, no syncopations).

Apart from the inconsistency which is probably a bug to fix, is there a way to force a duration to show up as a quarter instead of 8ths, even when the program thinks it should be better that way (especially when it “guesses” wrong like here).


That’s odd. Was this imported from a MusicXML file?

As for how you can control how rhythm is shown, there are two options. The first should always be to go to Notation Options and check whether your preference is available as a global option in Note Grouping. The second is Force Duration, an input mode under the shortcut O in Write mode that does exactly what you request!

No, it was entered in Dorico. Actually I just went to test this force duration, and it works fine, and in the process I found out how to reproduce the wrong notation:

If I select the 8th before (the G), press R to copy it, then press 6 to make it a quarter, it gives me two tied 8ths.
If I enter the quarter directly in Shift-N mode, it gives me a correct quarter.

If you end up with two tied 8ths when you hit R, then the first 8th must in fact have a forced duration. You should find that selecting the pair of tied 8ths and using Edit > Reset Appearance puts things back to normal.