Rhythmic notation on individual notes (or parts of measure)

Hi there! Please allow adding rhythmic notation on individual notes/chords (or parts of measure). Thank you.

Tedious workaround:

Image description

Note “A” is in Regular Notation (previous notes also), but the notehead is changed (this is why it looks like Regular and Rhythmic notations can coexist in the same measure).

Notes from “B” onward are all Rhythmic Notation and what is tying “A” to “B” is a slur, not a tie.

Here is another workaround for this specific example, with the difference that the tie will be maintained and its playback will be consistent.

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Thank you for taking the time to search for a solution and post your findings. Unfortunately, I need to be able to just convert the chords to rhythmic notation.

Doing the edits like you suggested (in the video) would take too much time for a 164 bar project.