Rhythmic pedal notation or braces/brackets


I need to have a sustain pedal for every player with precise rythmic notation in my piece. I need this to be a one line staff.
I thought to use an unpitched percussion staff for that but then I can’t put a brace around all the instruments of a player. I tried all bracket modes, but none seem to work the way I intend.
What I want to achieve:

Vln. Pedal
Vln. Live-electronic

Pno. Pedal
Pno. Live-electronic


The most problematic thing seems to be the piano.

Are there workarounds? As far as I understand you can’t group unpitched and pitched percussion. So is there a way I could turn a groupable staff to one Line?
Actually I want curly braces, because in this case the pedal is a integral part of the instrument. With the turning staffs to one line solution that would be possible, right?
Have I overlooked anything?

Thank you,



At the moment the bracketing options in Dorico are limited to the preset bracketing approaches specified in Engraving Options, but we are definitely planning to make this aspect of the application more flexible in the near future.