Rhythmic respelling options

Dorico offers an easy way to respell accidentals to our own preferences. Respelling rhythms should also be a breeze, but after looking around on the forum and some other crevices of the internet, I can not find a way to do it. Hopefully some of you could help me out.

I have attached a screenshot of what my score currently looks like. I am currently working on an older laptop with Dorico 3.5 instead of D4.

In bar 12, I would like to change the quarter note tied to an eighth note to change in a dotted quarter note.
In bar 16, I would like to change the quarter note tied to a dotted quarter note to change into a halve note tied to an eighth note.

All the best!
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Have you looked at the Note Grouping section of Notation Options?

However, it is usual to ‘show’ the half-bar in 4/4.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply. I am aware of this tradition, and generally I try to follow these rules.

In this particular instance, I prefer to write it as I did to avoid visual clutter. Also, in this case, I think that it is more helpful to show where in the fourth beat the note ends rather then where in the second half of the bar. For beginning level amateurs (for whom I am writing this), this might be easier to read.

Anyhow, the Note grouping suggestion was the key to respell the notes in bar 12, yet not in bar 16. Unfortunately, this case remains unsolved!

You can always use Force Duration to set the note type.

Yes, that works! Thanks Ben :slight_smile:

Also, just to make sure you’re aware (or others), you don’t even need to delete it. Select the note, press O, 6, period.