Rhythmic Slashes and Normal Notes

Hello, I am notating a few passages where I switch from Rhythmic Slashes to Normal Notes. It seems that the way to proceed is to “cut” the “normal notes” and to “paste special” into a voice.
Since I have first written everything with normal notes, I thought to cut and paste all the “real” normal notes and then select a would be rhythmic slash note and do the switch, but all the notes turned into slashes.
Is there a better workflow to tackle these situations?
In case my explanation was a bit too convoluted I managed to do a screenshot.

You can change existing normal notes into slash notes without changing the voice of all normal notes. You can also input directly into a slash voice during note input by pressing Shift-Alt/Opt-V to add a new slash voice (and once it exists on a staff, switch to it when the caret is active by pressing just V).

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