Rhythmic Slashes w/ stems in Percussion/Drums

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Dorico (long time Sibelius user).

I’m trying to create rhythmic slashes in my drum part. I’ve created the new instrument in Edit Percussion Kit, add slash w/stem, Voice 1.

When I input into the score, the notation goes in fine - except it inputs into Voice 2 (I think) directly, leaving a whole bar rest above in Voice 1 (I think).

This DOESN’T happen when I create stemless slashes but only when using stemmed.

Any suggestions?


Welcome to the forum, from one Daniel to another. I can’t reproduce the problem as you describe it. Are you able to attach a simple example that shows the problem you’re experiencing in action?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response. Attached is the project. It’s Bar 11 down in the Drums. I’ve realised if the stems are set to “up”, then there’s no issue. Only when set to “down”.

Drum Stem Example.dorico.zip (484 KB)

This is working as I’d expect for the time being, though it is the case that we plan to provide greater control over rests in percussion kits in future. For the time being you should find that even if you put the slashes with stem in the up-stem voice, provided there’s nothing else happening in that bar, they will nevertheless be shown with their stems down.

Thanks for the info Daniel :slight_smile: