Rhythmic troubles


I have a piece that is written in shifting meters. There’s a passage in the middle of that I want to change. The first picture shows 2 bars. I want to make the second bar into a 5/4 bar and extend some of the notes. I’ve tried different ways of doing that but strange things are happening.

  1. I Copy and remove the music in the second bar, change it to 5/4 and paste the music back. It still looks like 4/4 bar.
  2. Just for trying. Removed all the music, changed the bar into 5/4 and just write quarter notes. Impossible to write more than 4 quarter notes. See second pic.

How is this possible? Is there another way to do what I want? The piece continues after these two bars.


Engage Insert mode before you create the 5/4 time signature, and you should be all set.

Oh, sorry. I forgot about the Insert mode. Thanks Daniel! More to learn!