Rhytmizer and special setup?

I just got rhytmizer from future phonic.
I would like to have it play on several channels but that the channels only play on a specific velocity range. Anyone who knows how to set this up in cubase ? Rhytmizer can send out midi with various velocity value. Kind regards Conny


You can set the MIDI Track to the Channel Any. Then it sends out the MIDI data at all channels.

Thank you Martin :grinning:, is there a way to set the individual tracks to only play certain velocity value. I have setup the rythmizer on one channel
and have inserted 4 serumtracks. Since rhytmizer can send random velocity value i would like to have each channel correspond to different value.
Like synth 1 plays only velocity value 1 -27 synth 2 on 28-40 and so forth.
Kind regards


Yes, you can use Transformer plug-in to filter some velocities out.

Now it works perfectly thank you :heartpulse: