Richards Chewn

This is a tune my friend Richard made up, it`s still kind of a work in progress, he did the bass and keyboards and programmed the kit and sent me a stereo track pre mixed of the stuff he did, i did the guitars and mixed what i had in cubase , hope you like it .thanks.

That’s great, a lovely funky groove. Really like the melodic motifs you play through the tune, but my favourite bit is from 3:20 when it breaks down to a couple of funky chords and then just bass, drums and guitar solo. I couldn’t stop nodding my head. Very tasty indeed.


Thanks Steve for the nice comment i forgot to add for the guitar people, so they can avoid this stuff ,the funk riff was done on my strat probably through my 100 watt Marshall jcm 2000 tsl ,which i sold recently, its an oldish recording . the solo is my Jaguar direct into the soundcard and then the cubase vst amp rack inserted for the tones .

Hi Polgara, nice tune. Your friend did a good job getting a funky basis for your always excellent guitar.

Hi Leon ,thanks for your reply ,really there should be some vocals on the track.