Riddle me this please?

I have a project with the same vocal part on three tracks, wave files obviously. Two are identical mono waves, the third is a stereo mixdown of the mono wave brought back into the project. Two of the tracks are sent to an EFX buss channel with verb on it, the sends are actuated in each of the two channels. OK, not everytime, but sometimes I open the project after saving and closing it and one of the tracks does not recognize that it is routed to the EFX buss channel - so I have/hear no reverb on that track. All the routing is there, everything looks perfect, but there is no actual routing taking place to the ear. If I solo the adjacent track that is routed to the same EFX buss channel - in the same manner, BTW, via it’s send, it works fine.

In fact, to check this you can set up the routing and click on the channel solo. When things are working, both the EFX channel and the original channel that is routed to the EFX buss channel should have it’s solo button lit. When things are not working, obviously the one channel that is routed correctly but not working correctly, will have only it’s channel solo button lit, and the EFX buss channel button does not light up.

So, has this always been like this? It seems I have run into this before. The fix is to turn off the send from the channel and then re-route it back to the same EFX buss channel. Then everything is working again.

This is not a complicated project, maybe 10 tracks, two EFX channels. Am I doing something wrong or is this some weird flaw within Cubase? Obviously, when I come back to a saved project it is better to have it appear as I left it, and not spend time going over every single VST routing and plugin. Thanks for any insight.

Really. I’m the only one this happens to? OK.

Never noticed a problem like that before.