Ride cymbal playback

Is there audio for a ride cymbal? When I was inputting a part for ride cymbal, a designated sound was heard when I entered each note. However, there is no ride cymbal sound in playback. Is this a sound I need to import from somewhere else?

The ride cymbal is in the Yamaha kit. It should load automatically when you apply the HSO+HSSE playback template. If you find it’s not the case, please post your project so that we can solve the problem :wink:

Thanks Marc. I’ll have a look, but I am not familiar with the Yamaha kit.

Got it!

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Just when I thought I had it worked out! After applying and closing the playback template, it only works for a short period or I find that one of the other percussion parts drops out. Seems I am not quite getting a handle on it. Working with percussion in Dorico is unchartered territory for me, but I plan on figuring it out.

This is weird. Again, if you want more specific help, send a cut-down project. I really can’t guess what is happening with your file.
Working with percussion can be complicated because it’s like having many instruments condensed, and we like to take one sample from here, another from there… But here, if it’s just samples from the kit in HALion, it should work seemlessly…