Ride The Line

Hey there,

I’m slowly piecing together an album begun back in Covid lockdown. I’m no good with genres, but its loosely inspired by early Bonobo and Quantic stuff. Although this track isn’t so much of that. In any case, track 8 is more or less done. Unmastered, but with some basic limiting (and soundcloud gunk). I will be getting final mixes and masters done elsewhere, but for now…

Hi Atardecar,

Interesting mix of genres all in the one piece. Well done on putting it all together in such a way. To me, though, there’s enough source material for a number of tracks.

All the best


For some reason it reminds me of ocean waves coming in. Not in a literal sense of sounding like waves. But it feels like different sounds coming in one after another - each individual and yet part of a whole.

This is a really interesting and well put together piece. Enjoyed it.