Ridiculous Tucking Issue

Hello all,

I have been an ardent fan of Dorico for quite some time now, and even own 2 licenses for different systems. I write primarily music with heavy use of extended notation, and while I understand that some limitations are to be expected, I have been having an issue which I think is ridiculous to have. Playing techniques cannot tuck under slurs! Even worse, harmonic signs cannot do the same either. Extended passages of natural harmonics (weather that be from the properties panel or the playing techniques panel) are very common in string music of the previous century. Why is this an issue now? I know I am heated, but this should be fairly easy to solve!

In any case, find attached a picture depicting this. Is there a way to fix this? Having to go to every single note and change it manually is too time consuming, and if we’re talking about multiple passages, this becomes something of a design flaw. The tucking index is not something that can fix this either. Please, I would appreciate any and all help!
Harmonics Tuck.JPG

Indeed, at the moment playing techniques (and natural harmonic is internally a playing technique) cannot be automatically positioned inside slurs, due to some complex technical reasons. We do have some plans to address this in the future in a generic way, but we haven’t had the time to do so yet, so it’s not imminent in the near future.

One work-around that some users applied successfully is to change one of the less frequently used articulations (stress, unstress) to harmonic circle in the Music Symbol editor in Engrave mode. Then you don’t have to move them individually inside the slur. Of course it won’t be played back correctly.

This still leaves out the first and last out of the slur. Even after changing the minimum gap for curvature in the avoid collisions page of slurs in engrave mode, it still has to be done manually by making the endpoint figures a natural sign in articulations.

There is an engraving options for articulations whether they should be inside / outside of slur at slur ends.

I see it now. Thank you.