Would it be possible to add ITRK (track number) and IFRM (total number of tracks) to RIFF INFO metadata? Windows Explorer uses ITRK to display the track number. I think it also probably displays IFRM as total number of tracks (like 6/10) but I haven’t found a program that writes IFRM yet, and Windows Explorer doesn’t allow me to edit the values. But it’s apparently used elsewhere.

Also IPRD (Product in Wavelab) is Album Title in Windows Explorer (and probably Mac Finder), and also on the tag mapping page.

Thanks for the suggestion and URL. I ignored these 2 tags. Yes, I will add them in next (bug) update.

Thanks PG. I guess they weren’t part of the original spec, and they don’t appear in my version of BWF MetaEdit which seems an “official” gov’t agency tool, but ITRK is definitely recognized and used by Windows Explorer (and probably Mac Finder) and the other programs I’ve tried. The only other reference I’ve seen to IFRM is the reference cited on the hydrogenaudio page.