right- and left-arrow don't work after adjusting pitch

I appreciate the effort that went into fixing the right-arrow and left-arrow note selection with Dorico 3. It appears there is one rather important bug remaining. If I select a note and use the alt-up or alt-down to change the pitch, then the right and left function is dead. The note is selected after having changed its pitch, but it does not respond to the right or left arrow keys at that point. To restore the left and right capability, one must un-select the note and then re-select it.

Can others confirm this same behavior?

Can’t confirm. Works as expected.

This works as expected for me as well.

This morning, it is working more intermittently. Yesterday, it seemed to get stuck every time I moved a pitch with the alt-up or alt-down. Now it is working > 90% of the time. But it has gotten stuck a couple of times on me. I can’t pick up a pattern. At first I thought it might be related to the note being under a slur, but that proved not to be the case.

I think there is something lurking here, but I’ll set it aside until I can see a more distinct pattern.

It works as expected here as well.

I tried using the arrow technique for adding lots of small slurs to every other note, and as soon as I hit S the slur itself took the focus, so I had to hit S, TAB in order for the notes to regain focus. No big deal but I’m not sure I like this behaviour… :confused:

I worked a couple of hours today and it happened about 10 times to me – about 10% of the time. There is definitely a bug here, but so far I have not been able to reproduce it. And to be clear, I am not wandering off to non-note objects. When it happens there is a single note selected with adjacent notes on each side, yet the right and left arrows do nothing. It clears as soon as select any note.

We are aware of a problem where the focus doesn’t end up back in the music area after a popover closes, if you used the arrow keys to select an item in the popover’s completer list. Next time it happens, try typing Alt+0 to explicitly set the focus back to the music area, and then use left/right arrow to see whether you can then change the selection.

I will try that. But I don’t believe there were any popovers involved in my cases. I may be in error about that, as one isn’t thinking about the exact key sequence when this happens. I have also wondered if somehow other objects that are out of view might have been selected, and perhaps that would stop the arrow keys from working. I don’t have any reason to believe this is the case, but it could happen.

That particular problem is in any case fixed in Dorico 3.0.10.

This happened to me today and I discovered what was happening. I hit the key and released it without pressing a corresponding key with it. This, in Windows, toggles to the App Menus. If this happens again, look at the Menubar and see if the “File” menu is highlighted. If so, another quick press and release of should restore the focus back.

This happened to me this morning, and I noticed the menu did have focus. I need to go back through the steps to see how that happens because I didn’t think I was doing anything incorrectly, but it might be a lazy finger.