First Post!
Searched high an low for an answer to this one, so hopefully this is my last stop.

I am using ‘Elements 7’ and I am either going blind (a possibility) or a function I used regularly in Cubase 5 is not available in ‘Elements’.
I want to select various audio or midi elements and group them together for ease of moving / deleting etc.
It used to be able to select 4 / 8 bars worth of hats for example and right click / edit / group, and they would be grouped and have a small anchor icon on all grouped elements.
Is this gone, or hiding deep in a layer of sub-menus?

Thanks in advance guys!

I think Events to Part, or something similar. If not, just draw a Part (box )with the pencil tool.

You’re right, the Group function is not available in Elements.

that’s a pain!
will try the ‘parts’ method, thanks for the clarification and help!

‘parts’ method works well, better in some regards.