Right-click lanes menu should inform further menus in the dialogue


One aspect of Cubase I’ve found could use improvement is that it doesn’t seem to utilize contextual information to help speed up the workflow process in every instance that it could. For example; here I’m trying to create an Instrument track, and have it routed to the synth bus. I right-click the synth bus, and navigate to Add Track > Instrument:

Currently, when adding the instrument, it uses the latest-selected options as its defaults when initializing the menu:

However, I think it would save us all a lot of clicks if, when the context of the menu is applicable (in this case, right-clicking a bus lane), it would use that information to autofill the menu instead. Since I clicked “synth bus” to create this Instrument track, ideally it would select it as its Audio Output:

It seems small, but hey, I’m doing this dozens of times per track, so imo it would be a welcome improvement.