Right Click menu decimated

I tried a search here on the N10 forum and can’t find a thread complaining about the new right click menu, so I thought I’d start one.
Why? Just, why? I use(d) it every few seconds to change tools and perform useful tasks… Is there a way to bring it back?

Works here.

I’ve just played around for a couple of hours in N10, but I’ve noticed that.
My workflow is pretty fast, I use my left hand positioned on the numeric upper part of the keyboard, but sometimes I tend to right click to get back to the pointer tool.
Are you sure that there isn’t an option on the prefs menu to select right click —> opens tools box ?

I really hope it does, and if I remember correctly, I’ve dealt with something like that on previous versions, I could be wrong though.

Prefs–>Editing–>Tools–>Pop-up toolbox on Right Click.

There is unfortunately no way to bring it back. It now has “context sensitive” right-click menus but unfortunately it seems they didn’t consider workflow when implementing that change.


Exactly. Seems crazy that they didn’t consider workflow when implementing changes to try to improve workflow!

Can confirm that this option is still there on N10.

Yes, but with that option selected, you get ONLY the toolbox. Not the full menu I’ve lnown and loved for so many years…

Another option is to press ALT when right clicking, that will temporarily shift behaviour between toolbox/menu or vice versa.

Yes, but obviously this is a two handed gesture which is not ideal. And it only solves the switching tools part of the problem. It was so nice to have all those processing options etc available at my finger tips with a single right click. Now I have to go wading through menus to find them elsewhere…
Please bring back full right click functionality!

And it’s happening again. Due to the massive outcry of Cubase 10 users the tools within right-click drop down menu were restored in C10.0.2. Curious if it will find its way back in Nuendos as well. Go to Cubase 10 Forum and search for right click menu.

Well, that’s encouraging. Cry out with me, all thee Nuendo users who miss the full right click menu!



Yea, verily shall we cry out as with one voice:

Give us back the Menu you have stolen!!


Yes, bring back the damn full menu! I’m referring to Nuendo 10.1!

I often use “Convert Mono to Multiple Channels/Convert Multiple Channels to Mono”, and now it’s gone!

I ALWAYS receive OMFs/AAFs from video editors, and every stereo track is mono when I import these files. I NEED the “Convert Mono to Multiple Channels” command, and it’s now GONE from the right click menu.

Please bring back the FULL menu, guys.

Give it baaaaaack! :sob::sleepy::sneezing_face::weary::disappointed:

Seems like a random selection now.
“Delete Range” is missing but “Insert Silence” is still there…

Make it customisable like all the other menus.

Also, the graphics now used for these toolbar icons look absolutely terrible to my eyes.

Why change what we have had, and liked, for years?

The program seems to me to be starting to look like a child’s game instead of a high-end professional application.

just finished a small Project in demo of V10

I think the smaller right click menu is what bothered me the most … no “Select…” options and others. Although there is the “Find In Pool” item which I don’t think was there before. I like that.

On the whole it seems a configurable list from the regular Meun items is what’s called for.

Or put it all back please.