Right Click Menu - Midi Note Editor, *PLEASE UPDATE TO USE MIDI REGION MENU*

When you right click on a midi region in the project window, you get a well thought out and arranged list of potential midi functions, better organised than previous versions - no complaint there.

However - if you open the midi editor and try and apply any of these functions (some of them very basic functions such as, fixed lengths, fixed velocity, legato etc…) directly to midi notes, you can’t. Same problem if you use ‘edit in place’ in the project window.

So - if I need to apply certain functions to certain midi notes in a region this is impossible without learning a whole bunch of new key commands.

Yes key commands are great, but should not be the ONLY option to perform a function!

I genuinely do not understand why they didn’t use the same context menu you get from right clicking on a midi region for the midi note editor, so consider this a feature request.