Right click menu moves

Hey Team. Hope all is well.

Since the 0.70 update, almost everytime when I’m right clicking on the project board to get the fast menu, it moves to the right if I keep moving the mouse. I need to stop the mouse, right click and then move. But it worked before.

For every right move with the mouse the menu follows and it pisses me off.

Anyone who has the same issue and anyone who knows how to fix it?

I’ve tried to update my graphic drivers from Nvidia without a solution.

Intel 13700
64 gb ram Corsair
Windows 11
Cubase 12 Pro 0.70 version
Logictech wireless mouse (same with every mouse)

Thank you


What graphic card do you use?

I would try to install the latest graphic card and mouse drivers.

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Thansk for reply.

I have GTX 1080. Have tried the latest graphic cards, but maybe should try reinstall mous edrivers. The thing is it’s the same with every mouse.

Of course, you use the studio driver?

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Good question. Need to check when I’m back home. I think it’s a game ready driver. Everytime I open Cubase I get a notification from Nvidia up in the right corner.

If it’s working, there is nothing to say against the game ready driver, but sometimes it just makes problems. To use the studio driver instead, is recommended.

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Ok. Don’t know what driver it is. It just says Geforce Experience in “Add program” tab in windows. But I’m gonna uninstall and install the studio driver, see if it works better.

I’ll update in here. Thanks.


I installed studio driver + updated mouse drivers again. Now it works.

Thanks everybody that replied. Highly appreciated.

Ok, now it’s the same problem. Have uninstalled GTX 1080 graphic drivers, also the logitech mouse drivers and installed the latest drivers.

What can it be?

EDIT: I’ve submitted a ticket to the support, will see if they can help me too.

For the support team.
Windows 11 Pro - version 10.0.22621 version 22621