Right-Click menu options missing

Glad to see the right-click menu back in 10.0.30. Thank you, guys.

But why couldn’t you just have responded to this thread to let us know it was happening? All it needed was a response. I’m a long-time supporter of Cubase (from Pro 16 days) and I feel as if my words here count for nothing…

It´s back?

With a right click I either get depending on my settings

  • the tool box in one line, which is annoying, because with the former two line version one could select the tools much faster
  • the right click menu with the tools still one annoying step away in a sub folder (just why???)

    Please bring back the 9.5 version, it was so much faster!

Turn off the option to open toolbox on right-click (one of the silliest default settings in Cubase!). You should then see the menu.

yes, I do, but with the tools in a subfolder…still not as convenient as it was in 9.5 and before.

That’s the setting, thank you!

But it’s not super clear, details for everyone:

go to Edit -> Preferences
in the window go to Editing -> Tools
and uncheck “Pop-up Toolbox on Right-Click”
Once you “OK” your world will be back to better. :slight_smile:

FWIW, you can even add a hotkey to change this on the fly - because, why not? (Edit -> Key Commands, Preferences -> Tools - Pop-up Toolbar on Right-Click) I had never considered keyboard shortcuts for prefs, this might be useful…

Happy right-clicking

The right solution would be to be able to setup what we want in the right click menu. So more configuration possibility are welcome.
Thank you

Guys I have very good news for all of you.

The right click is still there in Nuendo/Cubase 10, you have simply to activate it.
Please go to Edit-> Preferences -> Editing -> Tools

Then in the right frame DEACTIVATE the choice of “Pop up toolbox on right click” and apply the changes.

The classic functionality of the right-click will be again active!

I won’t make any comments for the guys who tried to support that this function was not needed… Of course it was needed and Steinberg hopefully is giving the option to have it again in Nuendo/Cubase 10


You can also keep the settings and use Shift+right-click to call the “right-click menu”.

No, guys. There are still options missing from the new Right-Click menu that were in the old one. ‘Move to Origin’ is just one example. PLEASE put it all back as it was!

Deactivating the toolbox was always there - this is not new!


Your both statements are totally correct.

Thank you.

All we need now is for Steinberg to fix it properly and put it all back exactly as it was. The right-click menu was not a ‘problem’ and it didn’t need ‘fixing’.

I fail to understand why it was re-instated, but then with many of the options missing. If it’s going to be put back, then put it all back. And then we can all move on.


I, too, remember the good old days with the power-user right click menu. Miss it. I worked my way around it, but it was a bother to have to create and learn a new workflow.

And in the latest version 10.5.20…

We STILL do not have the ‘Select…’ options back in the right-click menu.

PLEASE, Steinberg. What will it take for you to put this stuff back as it was? Do I need to pay for a programmer’s time? I don’t understand why you refuse to do it, and I don’t understand why you won’t explain your reasoning for not doing it. The silence in here is deafening.

I can hardly believe I’m having to say this… But yet again options have disappeared from the right-click menu in Cubase 11!

‘Move to…’ has gone again.

PLEASE Steinberg, put it back - again! Or at least make it customisable (you asked us if we wanted that, remember?) so we can fix it ourselves.

If this is actually true, you aren’t a professional, you’re an a$$hole

You fired people for using common functionality in an application? I guess they should have just stole your money…same reaction?