Right-click menus only work first time

Hi, last couple of days the right-click menus open properly only the first time I open them up: Right-clicking an Item in the score opens up a menu, and then I can scroll down either with the mouse (external apple-pad, bluetooth) or with arrows on the keyboard to open up sub-menus. However if I return to an item in the list to open up the same sub-menu again, it does not, neither with the touchpad or arrow keys. I have to close the menu and start over again - choosing an item/right clicking/scrolling, to access the sub-menu again. This behaviour is consistent across flows and different Dorico-projects that I have tried - current and 2 years old. Restart Dorico/Mac does not help. This happens not in Finder. MacMini, M1, 2020.

I certainly can’t reproduce this, Sven-Olav. I’m able to re-open any of the submenus without any problems. I’ve not seen this reported before, either.

Ok, thank you. I ran a repair with Onyx, didn’t help. I will reinstall Dorico tomorrow when I get home to a better internet connection. Maybe that will fix it.

Sven-Olaf, these tools can sometimes do more damage, than actually help… They should not be necessary nowadays anymore. I suspect reinstalling your macOS will probably help solving your specific problem. Reinstalling Dorico alone might not be a solution, but you can try this first, of course.

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Fixed! By a wireless Apple Mouse :-). I reinstalled Dorico, then, Os Monterey, - no change (this time using Wacom Bamboo tablet both wirelessly and usb). I also opened the same project on another Mac (iMac) without problems. Then I moved the Apple Mouse to my MacMini M1 (the one with the submenu-problem) and now my Mac mini is healed: I get my submenus no matter what device I use; Apple Mouse, Wacom Tablet, Apple touch pad. I can disconnect the Apple Mouse and still have my submenus. I have no idea what caused this: The last week I have worked away from home with my MacMini connected to two older input devices; Apple keyboard/touchpad - both bluetooth. That’s the only thing that has changed lately.